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Noun1.arroz con pollo - rice and chicken cooked together Spanish stylearroz con pollo - rice and chicken cooked together Spanish style; highly seasoned especially with saffron
chicken and rice - rice and chicken cooked together with or without other ingredients and variously seasoned
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Whether you make the Spanish staple, Arroz con Pollo or make up your own version, it is soul-satisfying and perfect for the cooler weather.
Aunque seguro que alguna vez has comido arroz con pollo o unas lentejas con chorizo, debes saber que no es la mejor opcion.
Moonlight" Arroz Con Pollo - At the end of the movie, Kevin gives this dish to Chiron and says it's the chef's special.
They returned with exotic dishes like black bean soup, arroz con pollo (rice and chicken), and picadillo, a wonder of lightly spiced ground beef with olives and raisins.
El poeta presume episodios y desnuda al biografiado espigandole la voz: lo expone ante nuestra vista, nos hacemos complices de espejismos: Jose Luis Cuevas violara a la modelo "con el lapiz del Aguila"; Basquiat se come una cazuela entera de arroz con pollo mientras Miles Davis ejecuta un blues de algodones tristes; Rulfo se anida sobre el volcan y mira a Comala ardiendo en su abandono; en el sombrero de Duchamp un alfil zahiere a la noche; Otto Dix lee folios de Nietzsche cruzados con capitulos biblicos; el nigromante Magritte "pinta palomas / antes de que salgan volando del huevo"; en una carta empapada de ahogo Vincent le pide a su hermano "enyesen mi corazon / cuando se detenga"; el chino-cubano Wifredo Lam baila un mambo con Lao-Tse .
One reason is the central role of chicken in the Cuban diet; after all, one of the most popular dishes is arroz con pollo.
ARROZ CON POLLO 3 breasts of chicken, skin removed and diced Salt Olive oil 2 yellow peppers, finely diced 2 cloves garlic, crushed 1 small onion, finely diced 2 tomatoes blanched, deseeded and diced 3 teaspoons paprika Half teaspoon saffron 300g Arborio rice 500ml chicken stock Glass of white wine Tablespoon chopped parsley - flat leaf is best This is a simplified paella recipe and is perfect for people who don't like the traditional ingredients you find in an authentic dish.
I'm known for my Cuban culinary prowess, I've had many a memorable meal of ropa vieja and arroz con pollo served with a side of activist politics.
This year's picnic begins at noon and will feature a variety of food, including paella, arroz con pollo, and barbecued chicken and pork.
Another favorite dish, and one most people love, is Arroz con Pollo, or rice with chicken.
I fly out over the Great Lakes and the Boston Harbor and wonder how I will ever explain these Great Spaces to my students whose sun shrivels the cob and blooms the coconut, whose jungle mountains smell of coffee and culantro, tobacco and arroz con pollo, bananas and yautias, and cradle the coqui-coqui, Taino and Arawak chants, booming forth the plena and bomba drum beats, the merengue and salsa all-night hip swings, and who piled up ant-like 3 million and counting strong on a volcanic island barely 100 miles long by 35 wide, face with naive hearts blue waters so often dangerously deep and stormy, deceptively wide, invitingly OPEN.
Gazpacho (spicy, cold tomato soup); pimiento relleno (stuffed peppers); mejillones (mussels) in sauce, arroz con pollo (chicken with rice) and pickled anchovies.