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Relating to or containing arsenic, especially with valence 3.
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(ɑːˈsiːnɪəs) or


(Elements & Compounds) of or containing arsenic in the trivalent state
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Adj.1.arsenious - relating to compounds in which arsenic is trivalent
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After the test tubes were cooled down, 2.5 mL of arsenious acid solution was added and mixed.
Arsenic in aqueous solution can be found in oxidation condition state; As (III) as arsenious acid HAsO2 in reductor conditions until pH= 9 and As (V) as arsenic acid H3AsO4 at pH As (III) >As (V) >DMA (V) >MMA (V) [14].
Kutahya- Emet area colemanites include roughly 0.1-5 % of arsenious compounds, primarily realgar and orpiment minerals [5].
However, Fowler and Bright (1935) indicated that the titration method using sodium oxalate delivers titles 0.4% higher than those obtained by pure iron or arsenious oxide in some cases, and mentioned several factors leading to such errors: rapid stirring, slow addition of permanganate, presence of oxygen and high temperature.
One method would employ rodenticides such as sodium fluoroacetate, fluorcacetamide, zinc phosphide, norbormide, arsenious oxide, oe alpha-chloralose; however, it seemed that the rats had a built-in instinct against anything strange to them, "something called neophobia--new object avoidance" (Herbert 1989b: 128) which could make it difficult for the creatures to accept any new food put anywhere as baits especially if they could feel some ill-effects, in which case they would not touch it again.
Oxidation of several other reducing agents including oxalate, thiosulphate, Ce (IV), ammonia, ammonium ion, arsenious acid and hydrogen peroxide (House, 1962; Wilmarth and Haim, 1962) by peroxodisulphate in presence of [Ag.sup.+] ion have also been investigated and it was found that the kinetic order is first for both [S.sub.2][O.sup.2-.sub.8] and [Ag.sup.+] but zero in reductant.
In the same pH range, As (III) consists of mostly uncharged arsenious acid ([H.sub.3]As[O.sub.3]) with a minor amount (<10%) of the anion [H.sub.2]As[O.sub.3.sup.-] which sorbs As (III) [39, 41].
Environmental forms include arsenious acids, arsenic acids, arsenites, arsenates, methylarsenic acid (MAA), dimethylarsinic acid (DMAA), trimethyl arsine oxide (TMAO), and so forth [1-3].
As(III) is mainly found as arsenious acid ([H.sub.3]As[O.sub.3]) and As(V), occurs as anionic species (HAs[O.sub.4.sup.2-] and [H.sub.2]As[O.sub.4.sup.-]) 5].
Pastor Arsenious El Baramousy of the Amsterdam Coptic Church told AFP he would be meeting Muslim leaders later Tuesday.
In most cases the toxic moiety is presumably trivalent arsenic in the form of inorganic arsenious acid (arsenite), or an organic arsenoxide, rather than the element itself.