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critic - a person who is professionally engaged in the analysis and interpretation of works of art
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Artists - art critics and such like - people of no account.
Noted art critic Robert Hughes has lived a writer's life, and here he relives his dramatic career.
A psychological study about murder, revenge, love, and art, The Portrait is narrated by an artist named Henry MacAlpine, living on a remote French island, who lures his enemy, the influential art critic and former friend, William Nasmyth, to sit for a portrait.
Award-winning journalist and historian Alice Marquis presents Art Czar: The Rise and Fall of Clement Greenberg, a balanced biography of the man who was arguably the most influential American art critic of the twentieth century.
Painter (no pun intended) is a historian and not an art critic, however.
Plenty of art books have been written about New York; but NEW ART CITY: MANHATTAN AT MID- CENTURY is a cut above them all, offering a fine panoramic view of 20th century New York art and culture by an influential art critic of our times.
Selections include an Edith Wharton story, Lynn Davis's photo essay on icebergs, and art critic Christopher Knight's essay on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.
Danto is Johnsonian Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Columbia University, New York, and art critic for The Nation.
Featuring an informative essay Fictional Freedom: April Gornik's Landscapes by distinguished art critic Donald Kuspit, and a conversation by Dede Young (curator of Modern and contemporary Art for the Neuberger Museum of Art) with April Gornik on and about here work, this superbly presented 167-page monograph beautifully showcases April Gornik's stunningly impressive ethereal landscapes, flawless technical skills, and her own unique "inner eye" as an artist revealing here aesthetic interpretation of natural images.
Time Out arts editor Sarah Kent chose photographs and video, while Channel 5 art critic Tim Marlow opted for artist Sarah Morris, who makes films about American life.
Donald Kuspit may get a lot of cynical looks from industryites (he declared that contemporary art is dead in a 2004 book "The End of Art"), but the renowned, controversial art critic is back in town with a new exhibit he curated for Gallery C in Hermosa Beach.
Art critic Jules Christophe, writing after the death of Seurat in La Plume, September 1, 1891