art dealer

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: dealer - a dealer in works of art requiring esthetic evaluationart dealer - a dealer in works of art requiring esthetic evaluation
print seller - someone who sells etchings and engravings etc.
bargainer, dealer, monger, trader - someone who purchases and maintains an inventory of goods to be sold
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Met museum bought the stolen artifact from a Parisian art dealer in 2017.
No news about the mosaics surfaced until 1988 when it emerged that four of them were in the possession of an American art dealer named Peg Goldberg.
The pieces featured prominently in a book written by two Southeast Asian antiquities experts who are accused by New York district prosecutors of conspiring with a prominent Manhattan art dealer to traffic antiquities.
The video uploaded by art dealer and host of documentary show 'Fake or Fortune' showed an art restoration expert at work in cleaning off old paint varnish.
AFAMOUS painting given as a bribe to Nazi Hermann Goering to secure an art dealer's freedom is to go on show in Birmingham.
Department of Justice continues to seize assets it believes were bought through funds allegedly misappropriated from Malaysia's state-run fund 1MDB, an art dealer has now claimed that one of the seized paintings actually belongs to him, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.
The maddest collector I have ever known', 'The art dealer who escaped penal servitude', 'The blackmailing of an expert', and 'Saved by the Camorra'.
HUNDREDS of looted antiquities allegedly linked to a notorious London art dealer have been uncovered in a warehouse.
JOHNNY Depp adopts a velvety British accent as art dealer Charlie Mortdecai, who is in dire financial straits.
Based on the much-loved cult novel, Don't Point That Thing At Me by Kyril Bonfiglioli, Johnny Depp plays a debonair art dealer (really, is there any other kind?) and gets to show off his English accent as he juggles angry Russians, the MI5, an international terrorist (as you do) and his beautiful wife, played by Gwyneth Paltrow (and we all know how good her English accent is).
Years earlier, a loan shark stumbled onto the idea -- after being repaid with a painting, by a former art dealer -- of buying up the work of relatively unknown artists, killing them, and selling the art for a hefty profit.
The German task force investigating the trove of Nazi-looted art discovered in the Munich apartment of the late recluse Cornelius Gurlitt announced today that one of the paintings found, Matisse's 1921 "Woman Sitting in an Armchair," was stolen by the Nazis and rightfully belongs to the heirs of Paris art dealer Paul Rosenberg, the Associated Press reports.