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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: history - the academic discipline that studies the development of painting and sculptureart history - the academic discipline that studies the development of painting and sculpture
arts, humanistic discipline, humanities, liberal arts - studies intended to provide general knowledge and intellectual skills (rather than occupational or professional skills); "the college of arts and sciences"
iconology - the branch of art history that studies visual images and their symbolic meaning (especially in social or political terms)
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Art History Guide Andrea Mulder-Slater shows you the goods.
Lee is associate professor of art history at Stanford University.
The book is valuable as a comprehensive discussion of the work of a significant and talented though not major artist, and it is a pity that one needs the resources of an art history library to be able to appreciate it fully.
In any case, the end result is a sprawling, labyrinthine mess-an art history in the manner of Tristram Shandy that, rather than addressing works of art by artists, purports to examine "the role of radically simplified form and systematic strategies" in Western art after World War II.
Vasari's factual errors aside - and they are legion - he remains a sine qua non of Renaissance art history.
Each student was to look through art history books to find a "world famous artist" as well as someone whose work they admired.
Any hip-to-crit undergraduate art history major might recognize that this phrase inescapably calls to mind the writings of, if not Georges Bataille, then at least Yve-Alain Bois and Rosalind Krauss, curators of the Pompidou's brilliant 1996 exhibition "L'Informe: Mode d'emploi.
David Joselit is professor of art history at Yale University.
Now a TAB teacher, I'm often asked how I handle art history when my students head off to different centers after a demo or mini lesson that's much shorter than a traditional DBAE anticipatory set.
The conference, hosted by Birbeck University of London and University of Nicosia, will concentrate on issues such as post-colonial conflicts and art, pedagogies of art history, development of art histories in contexts of conflict and more.
Art history has come under fire in recent years, with criticism aimed at the subject's practical use and elitist reputation.
For one thing it will create an endowment to support a professorial chair in art history and curating.

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