art teacher

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: teacher - someone who teaches artart teacher - someone who teaches art    
instructor, teacher - a person whose occupation is teaching
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LOVING tributes have been paid to a gifted young art teacher who died of cancer at 31.
Katherine Douglas has been an elementary art teacher since 1969, and is a visiting lecturer at Stonehill College and Massachusetts College of Art.
The art teacher claimed a senior master asked her to help Prince Harry compile his ASlevel art coursework, according to the News of the World.
Art teacher Sarah Hedley runs several classes, including drawing and painting, portrait and sculpture, through the university's Office for Open Studies.
The finalists, along with their art teacher and parents, are then invited to Washington DC for the Child Art Festival.
Wyandotte, Michigan, art teacher Tanya Au believes that artists are always searching for themselves.
GARDNER- Sue Gallagher, an art teacher at Gardner High School, has been selected as the Massachusetts Art Education Association's Secondary Art Teacher of the Year.
With a little creativity, an art teacher can find many ways to incorporate state and national standards in the art curriculum.
Harrison [] Friendship Peace Bracelets by art teacher Wrenn Boulton [] Peace Parasols by Roger Ehrlichs [] Sri Lankan Crafts [] Fauvist self-portraits by art teacher Vicky Loughran [] Edgar Degas and his dancers by Sandy Smith (New York) [] "Brushstrokes and Dialogue" by Dr.
We look forward to meeting the community at the Awards Reception," says art teacher Rachel Bartlett.
Compiled from my observations from years of teaching from a cart and then traveling to multiple schools, here is a list of things a traveling art teacher will often do, as much as we try not to.
She runs for the joy of running with her friend Max, an unhappy boy who runs to win and feels that his feet are "his ticket out of here." Annie's art teacher gives her an assignment to draw the same apple every day for a hundred days; while she draws, she reflects on the way life changes.