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(Units) a plural of rotl


(ˈrɒt l)

n., pl. rotls, ar•tal (ˈɑr tɑl)
a unit of weight used in SW Asia and N Africa, varying widely in value, but often equal to about one pound.
[1605–15; < Arabic raṭl < Greek lítra or Latin lībra pound]
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Tenders are invited for Division- bhawanipatna, block- bhawanipatna, package no- or-15-0239 - artal to kulerguda
He said that mobile health unit visited areas including Ahmedpur Sharqia, Musafir Khana, Wahi Jogian, Basti Artal, Basti Bhattian, Chak Loharan, Sameja Abad, Basti Ramazan Joia, Yazman, Adda Qazi and others where patients were medically examined and given free of cost medicines.
We call an arrangement C = E + [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] an Artal arrangement for I.
Dicho cambio es sumamente relevante ya que la implicacion de los padres puede favorecer la efectividad de la educacion escolar (Rivas Borrel & Ugarte Artal, 2014).
El GHQ-28 fue disenado para ser de facil aplicacion, aceptable para los encuestados, relativamente corto y ha sido validado en poblacion espanola (Lobo, Perez-Echeverria & Artal, 1986) y en poblacion espanola con trastornos endocrinos (Lobo, Perez-Echeverria, Jimenez-Aznarez, & Sancho, 1988).
General Health Questionnaire-28 (GHQ-28; Lobo, Perez-Echeverria, & Artal, 1986).
Artal (2010:191) plantea las siguientes cuatro ventajas de dividir el territorio global de una empresa en varios territorios:
Raul Artal, chairman emeritus of the department of ob.
A review by Gavard and Artal [17] concluded that PA during pregnancy reduces maternal and foetal morbidities, and produces long-term benefits for both the mother and the child.
Ural SH, Artal R: Third trimester rudimentary horn pregnancy.
He told the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) the rebel elements were chased away from the areas of Dabou Al Madrassa, Dabou Al Umda, Wadi Sabby and Um Artal, after fierce fighting led by the Rapid Support Forces and the Armed Forces Sixth Battallion.