arterial blood

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Noun1.Arterial blood - blood found in arteriesarterial blood - blood found in arteries; "except for the pulmonary artery the arterial blood is rich in oxygen"
blood - the fluid (red in vertebrates) that is pumped through the body by the heart and contains plasma, blood cells, and platelets; "blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and carries away waste products"; "the ancients believed that blood was the seat of the emotions"
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The aim of this prospective study was to carry out an evaluation of whether the arterial blood pressure monitoring systems used in a large tertiary hospital ICU had appropriate CoDs to accurately measure ABP and produce a reliable pulse contour.
Main indications of arterial line catheterization was continuous monitoring of arterial blood pressure and need for frequent arterial blood gases (ABGs) analysis.
There are steps we can take to make sure that the accuracy of the arterial blood gas sample is maintained.
Key words: arterial blood gas, venous blood gas, temperature-corrected pH, temperature-corrected [Pco.
Room air arterial blood gas analysis revealed a pH of 7.
The arterial blood gas analysis is one of the most important investigation for assessment of clinical oxygenation and acid-base status in critically ill patients.
For instance, a decrease in renal mass (a decrease in number of nephrons) to one-half or one third of normal does not usually change the long-term level of mean arterial blood pressure as long as the ratio of glomerular filtration rate and renal tubular reabsorption are constant.
Based on momentous deviations in serum electrolyte levels and in arterial blood gases in experimental groups it is concluded that NiSO4.
The topics include arterial blood pressure waveform analysis and its applications in assessing vasovagal syncope, heart rate variability analysis for monitoring fetal distress and neonatal critical care, bariatric surgery and its effects on heart rate variability, heart rate variability in congestive heart failure, and heart rate variability and depression.
This rise in arterial blood pressure forces plasma fluid out of the walls of thin blood vessels known as capillaries.
Cr produced a dose-dependent (30-100 mg/kg) fall in arterial blood pressure in normotensive anaesthetized rats.
The Baylor researchers studied the effects in 24 men of seven days of AAKG supplementation using the nutritional supplement NO2 PlatinumTM on arterial blood flow in the arms after a single bout of resistance exercise.