ductus arteriosus

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duc·tus ar·te·ri·o·sus

 (dŭk′təs är-tîr′ē-ō′səs)
A fetal blood vessel that connects the left pulmonary artery with the descending aorta and that normally closes at birth.

[Modern Latin : ductus, duct (from Latin, act of leading; see duct) + artēriōsus, arterial (from Latin artēria, artery; see artery + -ōsus, adj. suff.)]
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Noun1.ductus arteriosus - a blood vessel in a fetus that bypasses pulmonary circulation by connecting the pulmonary artery directly to the ascending aorta; normally closes at birth
fetus, foetus - an unborn or unhatched vertebrate in the later stages of development showing the main recognizable features of the mature animal
blood vessel - a vessel in which blood circulates
patent ductus arteriosus - a ductus arteriosus that failed to close at birth; may require surgical correction
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ductus arteriosus

n conducto arterioso; patent — — conducto arterioso persistente
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Less than two years later, Reggie's little sister Gracie was born with congenital heart conditions called double outlet right ventricle, pulmonary stenosis and patent arterial duct, meaning that a tube between her heart and lungs had not formed properly.
Patients with severe desaturation were maintained on oral Prostaglandin E2 1 to 2 hrly before, during, and shortly after intervention by a dose of 25 microgram/kg/dose to maintain arterial duct patency.
Results: Hemodynamic and anatomic disorders including myocardial dysfunction, pulmonary hypertension and patent arterial duct (PDA) were strongly associated with birth asphyxia (P< 0.05).
Rocco had a condition called patent arterial duct, which meant his blood flow was abnormal and his organs did not work properly.
The ascending aorta, pulmonary artery, and arterial duct were fully dissociated.
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Severe haemolysis after transcatheter closure of a patent arterial duct with the new Amplatzer duct occluder.
Gemma, 27, said: "The interruption to her aortic arch meant that blood supply to the lower half of her body would be cut off once the arterial duct closed.