arterial sclerosis

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Noun1.arterial sclerosis - sclerosis of the arterial wallsarterial sclerosis - sclerosis of the arterial walls  
atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease - a stage of arteriosclerosis involving fatty deposits (atheromas) inside the arterial walls, thus narrowing the arteries
arteriosclerosis obliterans - a stage of arteriosclerosis involving closure of blood vessels
induration, sclerosis - any pathological hardening or thickening of tissue
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I tasted her sad descent into what they used to call arterial sclerosis as her cookies began to contain shells as well as nuts, and the number of shells grew and grew until the once-wonderful cookies weren't edible.
It seems to me that we should be singling out those who develop arterial sclerosis or other vessel-blocking disorders, testing carotid arteries for blockages, or looking at those who have other evidence of vessel blockage for signs of imminent stroke, weakness, difficulty speaking, etc.
The company expects that the new product will contribute to researches on diabetes and arterial sclerosis.