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tr.v. ar·te·ri·al·ized, ar·te·ri·al·iz·ing, ar·te·ri·al·iz·es
To convert (venous blood) into bright red arterial blood by absorption of oxygen in the lungs.

ar·te′ri·al·i·za′tion (-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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This phenomenon, however, is a sequel of arterialization of the graft.
Histopathologic findings include medial hypertrophy and muscularization of arterioles, moderate intimal fibrosis, medial hypertrophy and arterialization of veins, dilatation of lymphatics, interstitial edema, interstitial fibrosis, and hemosiderosis (Figure 3).
Few cases of penile revascularization for ischemia using arterialization of the deep dorsal vein have been reported.
The volunteers' left hand and forearm were immersed in water at 42-44[degrees]C for 8 min to allow for arterialization of the venous blood (Hadjicharalambous et al.
In control mice hepatic changes includes portal preiphlebitis, vesicular obstruction, infarction leading to arterialization and preferential sinusoidal channeling.
It is important to evaluate for insufficient maturation because it may lead to early thrombosis, and problematic vessels may slow the arterialization process of the vein, resulting in an access that is not adequate for dialysis (Ravini et al.
The method of arterialization was almost exclusively heel warming, usually by immersing the heel in warm water (40[degrees]C to 45[degrees]C) for five to 10 minutes prior to heel stab, or using a warmed surgical-plastic device.