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One of the small terminal branches of an artery, especially one that connects with a capillary.

[New Latin artēriola, diminutive of Latin artēria, artery, from Greek artēriā; see wer- in Indo-European roots.]

ar·te′ri·o′lar (-ō′lər, -ə-lər) adj.


relating to arterioles or minuscule arteries
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Adj.1.arteriolar - of or relating to or involving arterioles
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Much like a dam operator controls water flow into a river, a mechanosensor, likely located inside the smooth muscle cells that form the blood vessel walls, keeps tabs on the pressure of the blood flowing through the afferent arteriolar into the filters.
Among the mechanisms of increase in PAR the expression of angiotensin converting enzyme has been reported to be increased in pulmonary arteries of PAH patients (2, 3) with a functional predominance at the site of arteriolar remodeling (4).
In 2 of the patients, no arteries were seen in the biopsy tissue (but 1 had severe arteriolar hyaline) and in 3 patients arterial thickening and narrowing were not present.
In addition, the shunts promote an increase in portal venous inflow secondary to splanchnic arteriolar vasodilatation.
Melatonin is connected with dementia in that it induces alterations in the cerebral arteriolar wall during the aging process.
Close monitoring for progression of renal failure should be done with the initiation of ACE inhibitors, as it is possible for ACE inhibitors to induce a fall in efferent arteriolar resistance and increased intraglomerular pressure.
More patients will need to be studied to determine whether the retinal lesions found in these "prediabetic" individuals represent early diabetic changes or perhaps are more indicative of arteriolar changes in people who are at risk for atherosclerotic vascular disease in general.
For each challenge, BW, indices of cerebrovascular reserve, cere bral perfusion pressure (CPP), and pial arteriolar diameter were determined.
Because this mild degree of epicardial coronary artery constriction should not affect coronary blood flow, this suggests that in the normal coronary circulation, nitric oxide contributes to both basal epicardial and arteriolar dilator tone.
Histological changes of BD (demyelination, axonal loss and thickening of the arteriolar walls) were present in all patients with LA on CT.
Arteriolar damage occurs characteristically in the lenticulostriate arteries of the middle cerebral artery and the posterior cerebral artery, the penetrating branches of the basilar artery, and the central cerebellar artery.
also showed that eyes with open-angle glaucoma had a significantly narrower retinal arteriolar diameter than did normal eyes [9].