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One of the small terminal branches of an artery, especially one that connects with a capillary.

[New Latin artēriola, diminutive of Latin artēria, artery, from Greek artēriā; see wer- in Indo-European roots.]

ar·te′ri·o′lar (-ō′lər, -ə-lər) adj.


relating to arterioles or minuscule arteries
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Adj.1.arteriolar - of or relating to or involving arterioles
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Biopsy shows evidence of a cone-shaped dermal arteriolar infarct.
The arteriolar vasoconstriction induced by cyclosporine-A is due to the activation of the renin-angiotensin system (7-9).
4,5] Retinal arteriolar narrowing (focus or generalised) is the most common finding in pre-eclampsia.
Fundus findings of patients showed typical signs like, bone spicules clustering in the peripheral region of retina and retinal arteriolar attenuation which clearly classified typical RP.
Arteriolar narrowing and venular widening were both less pronounced in the patients following bariatric surgery.
Arteriolar narrowing and venular widening were both less pronounced, whereas no such changes took place in the control group.
Interestingly, efferent arteriolar hyalinosis was reported that specific kidney changes to DKD had a clear correlation with urine albumin excretion and disease progression.
La afectacion de los huesos largos y de carga sobre todo en las cabezas femorales, diafisis femoral y tibia se observo en el 100 % lo cual, se debe a infartos cronicos producidos por oclusion arteriolar y episodios de vasoespasmo y trombosis.
No entanto, Kille e Klabunde (1984) mostraram que a adenosina parece ter maior efeito vasodilatador pos-exercicio, onde a concentracao de adenosina e maior, causando maior resposta vasodilatadora arteriolar (Murrant e Ingrid, 2002).
Ocular signs were: neuroretinitis in 4 eyes (associated with serous retinal detachment in the inferior quadrant in 1 eye), optic neuropathy in 2 eyes (1 papillitis and optic disc infiltration, 1 optic neuritis), retinal infiltrates in 6 eyes, retinochoroiditis in 1 eye, branch retinal arteriolar occlusion in 3 eyes, and endophthalmitis in 1 eye.
CsA causes nephrotoxicity which is characterised by arteriolar hyalinization, shrunken glomeruli and stripped tubular necrosis.
The end effect is increased arteriolar dilation, reduced aldosterone section, and enhanced kinin-induced peripheral vasodilation.