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Noun1.arteriolosclerosis - sclerosis of the arterioles
induration, sclerosis - any pathological hardening or thickening of tissue
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Recently, a common pathogenic process has been ascribed to development of atherosclerotic and arteriolosclerotic diseases in coronary artery disease, lacuna stroke, and large artery atherosclerosis [22].
The increase of CRP at the microvasculature of the brain may act in synergy to promote arteriolosclerotic progression by different mechanisms like activation of classic complement system, mediation of low density lipoprotein uptake by macrophages, promotion of foam-cell formation, endothelial dysfunction, low nitric-oxide production, stimulation monotype recruitment, and vascular smooth muscle proliferation and migration [2].
The arteriolar changes of hypertension arc thought to result primarily from vasospasm, whereas the arteriolosclerotic changes are considered to occur secondary to thickening of the arteriolar wall.