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Noun1.arthrocentesis - removal of fluid from a joint by centesis
centesis - (surgery) the act of puncturing a body cavity or organ with a hollow needle in order to draw out fluid
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The company provides wide range of products in the healthcare gaming and simulation market such as Product Matrix, Arthrocentesis, CentraLineMan, FemoraLineMan, Laparoscopic Trainers, Lumbar, LumbarPunctureBaby, Misc.
Treatment of monoarticular PMSA is based on antibiotic and joint drainage, which can be performed by arthrocentesis or through surgery.
Internal derangements of the temporomandibular joint: the role of arthroscopic surgery and arthrocentesis. Journal Canadian Dental Association 2000;66(4):199-203.
Left knee arthrocentesis was performed, revealing inflammatory fluid leukocyte count of 46000/uL (91% neutrophils), without crystals and negative cultures.
He explained that arthrocentesis is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that relieves joint stiffness from fluid buildup.
Artificial joints and recent joint surgery or arthrocentesis (inserting needles Into the joint) are also risk factors for septic arthritis.
OA was induced by MIA in rabbit TMJs by intra-articular injection of 3 mg of monoiodoacetate dissolved in 50 ml of sterile saline solution, using the arthrocentesis method (Guler et al, 2011).
The owner declined further diagnostic tests (including arthrocentesis).
The second workshop covered chest tube insertion, pleural tap, insertion of central line, and arthrocentesis. The participants were surveyed using a 5-point Likert scale survey pre- and post-course, assessing their confidence.