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Examination of the interior of a joint using x-rays following the injection of a radiopaque substance.

ar′thro·gram′ (är′thrə-grăm′) n.
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Noun1.arthrogram - an X ray of a joint after the injection of a contrast mediumarthrogram - an X ray of a joint after the injection of a contrast medium
roentgenogram, X-ray photograph, X-ray picture, X ray, X-ray - a radiogram made by exposing photographic film to X rays; used in medical diagnosis


n artrografía (estudio)
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No communication between metatarsophalangeal joints III and IV was found in the arthrogram.
Magnetic resonance arthrogram (MRA) showed a severely degenerated and torn acetabular labrum with paralabral cysts (Fig.
MR Arthrogram is not done in our study, as it is invasive and technically demanding procedure.
If there is pain along the inside of the elbow and the Valgus stress test is positive, the physician will typically order an MR arthrogram.
A magnetic resonance arthrogram (MRA) was requisitioned to identify the severity of damage to the glenoid labrum and to rule out any other intra-articular pathology.
A CT arthrogram was ordered to evaluate if there was a rotator cuff tear but instead found that the glenoid component had dissociated and was sitting posterior to the humeral head (Figure 1).
Magnetic resonance arthrogram revealed a small, undisplaced, anterior labral tear.
I had an arthrogram on Thursday night and also a cortisone shot to deal with an injury I have been playing with for most of this season.
The trays contain essential clinical supplies needed for seven diagnostic procedures: lumbar puncture, myelogram, arthrogram, amniocentesis, paracentesis/thoracentesis, bone marrow aspiration and biopsy, and soft tissue biopsy (custom kits can be designed for other procedures upon customer request).
All patients who continued to complain of pain despite rest or physical therapy had an MR arthrogram with a pain test, an anesthetic, and with or without a steroid.
One week after orthopedist evaluation (three weeks from initial evaluation) an MR arthrogram with intraarticular contrast of the patient's right shoulder identified only a minor lesion affecting the posterior labrum (Table 3).