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Any of numerous invertebrate animals of the phylum Arthropoda, including the insects, crustaceans, arachnids, and myriapods, that are characterized by a chitinous exoskeleton, a segmented body, and jointed appendages.

[From New Latin Arthropoda, phylum name : arthro- + New Latin -poda, -pod.]

ar′thro·pod adj.
ar·throp′o·dan (är-thrŏp′ə-dən), ar·throp′o·dal (-dəl) adj.


relating to arthropods
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Adj.1.arthropodan - of or relating to invertebrates of the phylum Arthropodaarthropodan - of or relating to invertebrates of the phylum Arthropoda
zoological science, zoology - the branch of biology that studies animals
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Arthropodan appendages were present in the gut of two dismembered specimens, and a tri-lobed proventriculus (Fig.