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An endoscope that is inserted into a joint and used for viewing or performing a surgical procedure.

ar′thro·scop′ic (-skŏp′ĭk) adj.
ar′thro·scop′ic·al·ly adv.


adj artroscópico
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Kirkley et al conducted a nonblinded RCT of 188 patients with moderate to severe OA of the knee; those with large meniscal tears, malalignment, previous arthroscopic surgery, or severe bicompartmental arthritis were excluded.
The purpose of this work was to describe the posterior ankle impingement syndrome related to the posterolateral tubercle of the talus bone and to present a retrospective analysis of our results after arthroscopic plasty of the tubercle in 15 ankles with a mean 3-year follow-up.
Smith & Nephew's Endoscopy division announced that an independent, evidence-based study by a team of surgeons and doctors from the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery from Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA, showed that detectable levels of proteins and nucleic acids were present in reprocessed single-use only arthroscopic shaver blades.
The HIP ACCESS SYSTEM is a joint-specific set of instruments designed to improve a surgeon's ability to access the trip joint during arthroscopic procedures.
General manager John Gabriel said the team and Hill's doctor most likely will determine by the end of next week whether there will be arthroscopic surgery for bone spurs.
Orthopedic surgeons explain arthroscopic surgical techniques for the elbow and wrist, covering basics, advanced procedures, and complications for each as well as special techniques for the wrist.
26 January 2012 - Simbionix USA Corporation, which specialises in medical education and training, announced on Thursday that it had bought the ARTHRO VR virtual reality arthroscopic training simulator line from Spain's GMV.
Relief of symptoms is noted with intra-articular lidocaine injection and is treated surgically with arthroscopic debridement.
This is generally now an arthroscopic procedure, frequently undertaken.
Contract notice: Delivery of instruments to the arthroscopic tower for the Surgical Department,