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Exclusion criteria for both groups were a history of arthrotomy, history of contrast medium allergy, renal insufficiency (glomerular filtration rate <60 ml/min), and absolute contraindications to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI; metal implants within the body).
She was then taken as an emergency to the operating theatre for arthrotomy of the right shoulder and elbow joints.
With the cadaveric specimen mounted in the testing apparatus, an anterior arthrotomy was carefully created under the medial and lateral menisci being sure to avoid disrupting the anterior root attachments and patellar tendon.
An arthroscopy-assisted synovectomy with removal of the loose bodies has the following advantages over a traditional hip arthrotomy surgery.
In extra-articular fractures, percutaneous insertion of the retrograde nail was possible, whereas, in comminuted intraarticular fractures, additional lateral arthrotomy was required.
With regard to a recent separation and healthy appearing surroundings we decided to proceed with arthrotomy in order to repair the cartilage defect by mincing the healthy appearing cartilage piece.
She received one dose of ceftriaxone and subsequently underwent right hip arthrotomy with synovectomy and irrigation.
Approximately 5% of patients with TMD undergo surgery, typically simple arthrocentesis, arthroscopy, arthrotomy, or modified condylotomy.