articulated ladder

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Noun1.articulated ladder - a ladder consisting of segments (usually four) that are held together by joints that can lock in place
ladder - steps consisting of two parallel members connected by rungs; for climbing up or down
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Delivery of a Hubrettungsfahrzeuges - Drehleiter type DLA (K) with articulated ladder section.
In order to ensure extreme accuracy, which is required for remediation dredging, DSC developed a special articulated ladder that would allow the cutterhead to be parallel with the bottom surface.
Two tenders for the supply of (a) two trucks equipped with waste compaction device, also (b) other two vehicles equipped with an articulated ladder.
SETTING new standards in safety and versatility, the impressive new Eckman articulated ladder gives stability and confidence, plus the exclusive, ingenious feature of a side hand rail to provide extra support and reassurance.