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1. Composed of distinct, meaningful syllables or words: articulate speech.
2. Expressing oneself easily in clear and effective language: an articulate speaker.
3. Characterized by the use of clear, expressive language: an articulate essay.
4. Having the power of speech.
5. Biology Consisting of sections united by joints; jointed.
v. (-lāt′) ar·tic·u·lat·ed, ar·tic·u·lat·ing, ar·tic·u·lates
1. To pronounce distinctly and carefully; enunciate.
2. To utter (a speech sound) by making the necessary movements of the speech organs.
3. To express in coherent verbal form: couldn't articulate my fears.
4. To fit together into a coherent whole; unify: a plan to articulate nursing programs throughout the state.
5. To convert (a student's credits at one school) to credits at another school by comparing the curricula.
6. Biology To unite by forming a joint or joints.
7. Architecture To give visible or concrete expression to (the composition of structural elements): a spare design in which windows and doors are barely articulated.
1. To speak clearly and distinctly.
2. To utter a speech sound.
3. Biology To form a joint; be jointed: The thighbone articulates with the bones of the hip.

[Latin articulātus, past participle of articulāre, to divide into joints, utter distinctly, from articulus, small joint; see article.]

ar·tic′u·late·ly adv.
ar·tic′u·late·ness, ar·tic′u·la·cy (-lə-sē) n.
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Adv.1.articulately - with eloquence; "he expressed his ideas eloquently"
inarticulately, ineloquently - without eloquence; in an inarticulate manner; "the freshman expresses his thoughts inarticulately"
2.articulately - in an articulate manner; "he argued articulately for his plan"
inarticulately - in an inarticulate manner; "he talked inarticulately about the accident that had just taken his wife's life"
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بِنُطْقِ واضِح
skÿrlega; léttilega


[ɑːˈtɪkjʊlɪtlɪ] ADV [speak, express o.s.] → con facilidad, fluidamente; [pronounce] → articulando bien
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adv pronounceartikuliert; write, express oneselfklar, flüssig; an articulately presented argumenteine klar verständlich vorgetragene These
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[ɑːˈtɪkjʊlɪtlɪ] advchiaramente
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(aːˈtikjuleit) verb
to speak or pronounce. The teacher articulated (his words) very carefully.
(-lət) adjective
able to express one's thoughts clearly. He's unusually articulate for a three-year-old child.
arˈticulately (-lət-) adverb
arˈticulateness (-lət-) noun
arˌticuˈlation noun
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References in classic literature ?
"Undoubtedly!" replied the Chancellor, as articulately as he could with a pen between his lips.
I had also arrived to some little diversions and amusements, which made the time pass a great deal more pleasantly with me than it did before - first, I had taught my Poll, as I noted before, to speak; and he did it so familiarly, and talked so articulately and plain, that it was very pleasant to me; and he lived with me no less than six-and-twenty years.
"/You/ are a murderer," the man answered still more articulately and emphatically, with a smile of triumphant hatred, and again he looked straight into Raskolnikov's pale face and stricken eyes.
At any rate, their further attempts to communicate articulately were interrupted by a knock on the door, and the entrance of a maid who, with a due sense of mystery, announced that a lady wished to see Miss Hilbery, but refused to allow her name to be given.
They had good arguments which were expressed coherently and articulately.
The mark of a true professional is the player who stands up to be counted when the chips are down, and the young on-loan defender did just that when he spoke thoughtfully and articulately after his dramatic red card at Cardiff last week.
It is probably to Roberts's credit that the undead quality of her painting speaks more articulately of her interests and skills than some of her subjects do.
The fast-talking Hoffbauer rants articulately in a coup de the&be in lecture form.
Lukaku, still only a pup at 22, speaks fluently, articulately and with a real insight about his passion.
" He has articulately crafted the character for Siddiqui," the source said.
However, Richard Wyn Jones and Roger Scully's article today makes the case articulately not only that could such powers be given to Wales without holding another costly and complicated referendum, but that any such vote could conversely damage public confidence in devolution.