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1. The act of vocal expression; utterance or enunciation: an articulation of the group's sentiments.
a. The act or manner of producing a speech sound.
b. A speech sound, especially a consonant.
a. A jointing together or being jointed together.
b. The method or manner of jointing.
4. Anatomy
a. A fixed or movable joint between bones.
b. A movable joint between inflexible parts of the body of an animal, as the divisions of an appendage in arthropods.
5. Botany
a. A joint between two separable parts, as a leaf and a stem.
b. A node or a space on a stem between two nodes.
6. The conversion of a student's credits at one school to credits at another school by comparing the curricula.

ar·tic′u·la·to′ry (-lə-tôr′ē), ar·tic′u·la′tive (-lā′tĭv, -lə-tĭv) adj.


relating to articulation
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Adj.1.articulative - of or relating to articulation; "articulatory features"; "articulatory phonetics"
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These specific articulative realizations are known as allophones of the phoneme /r/.
Relative contributions of verbal, articulative, and nonverbal communication to employment decisions in the job interview setting, Personnel Psychology, 32(2), 359-367.
In June 14 elections, Rouhani also enjoyed the support of articulative pro-reform camp and reformist candidate Mohammad-Reza Aref withdrew in his favor.
One wonderful reproduction is of the eightyear-old Britten's Three songs of other country's for piano with cornet and banjo, meticulously detailed in its dynamic and articulative directions.
15) While the arthron's false conjoining of nature and culture in the articulative event of language only reifies the problem, so too does displacing the primacy of speech with writing.
Skowronek refers to the four types of presidents as reconstructive, disjunctive, preemptive, and articulative.
1 risked disappearing amidst all this, but her deft delivery of all the articulative demands remains impressed upon the memory.
This expectoration itself is what we might call a profound performative gesture of narrative defiance; the irony in all of this is that all the way along Hirsch was only trying to tell what he understood to be the truth; and it is only--belatedly--after Hirsch is gone that narratives of closure implicating and comprehending him, most of them actually wrong in their attempts to do so, rise to the condition of articulative possibility.
To my way of thinking, however, it is just that articulative, interactive process which provides this sort of novel with a mobility that is most refreshing indeed and which (more importantly still) allows it fully to mean.
Conversely, one might expect an articulative president, working within the presumably politically successful "revolution" introduced by his reconstructive predecessor, to be more partisan in his references than was the reconstructive president.
but the search for reasons that aspire to general acceptance need not lead to an unfair exclusion of religion from public life, and secular society, for its part, need not cut itself off from the important resources of spiritual explanations, if only the secular side were to retain a feeling for the articulative power of religious discourse.
Moreover, through a finely-wrought and closely articulative narrative

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