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n.1.(Zool.) A joint of the cirri of the Crinoidea; a joint or segment of an arthropod appendage.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It is described in this list as a "manuale peccati et xii articuli fidei" (933).
Habia elegido estudiar este tipo de documentos, hasta ahora desatendidos por los historiadores, porque me parecia que constituian un lugar de encuentro entre la mentalidad de los clerigos que habian redactado los articuli interrogatorii y conducian los interrogatorios, y los de los testimonios entre los cuales figuraban muchos laicos a menudo illitterati, en el sentido medieval de esta palabra.
(21) Articuli sive Interrogatoria, in Strype, Life and Acts, 3:79-87.
Before his writing suddenly ceased, however, he had already completed 512 of the quaestiones that make up this influential classic, each question in turn subdivided into multiple articuli or articles.
But we can be certain that when King Edward I and Parliament in 1300 promulgated the election statute (Articuli supra Cartas), the election of sheriffs was a change, rather than a "confirmation" of a then-current general practice.
Scripsi de discrimine Veteris et Novi Testamenti eo libentius, quod videam huius articuli ignorantia, quicquid uspiam est errorum, ofiri ac emergere.
In a first step, the corpus articuli detects similar explanational strategies in three different fields of problems: the eduction of forros to being, the acquisition of virtue, and knowledge acquisition.
IV, commentary by Bonaventura, 2535 n with Johannes Beckenhaub, Tabula; Articuli in Anglia et Parisiis condemnati ([Nuremberg]: Anton Koberger, [after March 2, 1491]), vol.