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adj. art·i·er, art·i·est Informal
1. Of or relating to artists or the fine arts.
2. Showily or affectedly artistic.

art′i·ly adv.
art′i·ness n.


(ˈɑːtɪ) or


adj, artier or artiest
informal having an ostentatious or affected interest in or desire to imitate artists or artistic standards
ˈartiness ˈartsiness n


(ˈɑr ti)

also artsy

adj. art•i•er, art•i•est.
characterized by a pretentious display of artistic interest or style.
art′i•ness, n.


ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Adj.1.arty - showily imitative of art or artistsarty - showily imitative of art or artists
pretentious - making claim to or creating an appearance of (often undeserved) importance or distinction; "a pretentious country house"; "a pretentious fraud"; "a pretentious scholarly edition"


adjective artistic, arty-farty (informal), arty-crafty (informal) an arty French film


Informal. Pretentiously artistic:
Informal: artsy-craftsy.


[ˈɑːtɪ] ADJ [style] → con pretensiones artísticas, seudoartístico; [clothing] → afectado, extravagante; [person] → de gusto muy afectado, que se las da de muy artista
she looks arty; she is arty-lookingtiene pinta de cultureta


[ˈɑːrti] adj (= artsy) [person] → qui se donne le genre artiste; [film, photograph] → de style artiste prétentieux
Didn't you find her a little bit too arty? → Tu n'as pas trouvé qu'elle se donne un peu trop le genre artiste?
an arty French film → un film français de style artiste prétentieux


adj (+er) (inf)Künstler-; type also, tie, clothesverrückt (inf); personauf Künstler machend (pej); decoration, styleauf Kunst gemacht (inf); film, novelgeschmäcklerisch; he was more of an arty type than his brotherer war mehr ein Künstlertyp als sein Bruder; she’s in publishing/the theatre — oh yes, I knew it was something artysie arbeitet im Verlag/Theater — ach ja, ich wusste doch, dass es etwas Künstlerisches war


[ˈɑːtɪ] adj arty typespseudo artisti mpl
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? HOME / / 0161 200 1500 / Preview today, 6pm-9pm; Tomorrow to Sunday, May 19 / Free Tomorrow Music / Sundara Karma With their fondness for quoting Greek philosophers and esoteric literature, Reading four-piece Sundara Karma have cemented their position as the brainiest, artiest band in the current Brit indie firmament.
Pakistan would like to convert CPEC into a cultural corridor marked by frequent exchange of artiest, film, TV dramas and serials, arts and crafts, MOS said.
Tenders are invited for distribution water pipe line from old post office (gandla sudhakar house) to artiest madhu (h) via myadari balu (h) & ganda dweepam to narasimha sir house in kollapur nagarapanchayath under 13th fc 2014-15
We were there to decide on our definitive list of the region's best restaurants; and in a town where every visitor's burning question is, "Where shall we go for dinner?" and the conversation at even the artiest parties quickly turns to the latest dining hotspot, that's serious business indeed.
Tattooing and piercing did not make it into the record books until the 1969 edition when Canadian tattoo artiest Vivian "Sailor Joe" Simmons was listed for having 4,831 different tattoos inked on his body.
In a week when arthouse films came to town in the guise of Cyprus Film Days, it's ironic that the artiest one of all is showing at the multiplex.
Love Out Loud is an exhibition by NYC LGBT artiest celebrating NYC Pride Week, while benefiting the True Colors Fund, Co-Founded by Cyndi Lauper.
One of the artiest places to live here is Muller-Martini-Areal where, continuing the spirit of Zurich-West, work and home are combined in apartment block 'Heinrich' and office block 'Josef' (picture 10).
The 1300 Only Porcelain, founded by ceramic artiest Shen Hen-rong, introduced the art items claimed to be made with wide-angle porcelain processing techniques, up to 720 degrees, and the unique ceramic materials which presented the best delicate quality of porcelain.
I really should have done a drive-by pilgrimage to Turkey Hill on my way to the Brant Foundation Art Study Center in Greenwich, Connecticut, the institutional bona fides for not only Peter Brant's art-as-cultural-collateral but also art-as-actual-collateral, and site of the artiest social events, whatever the season.
This multi-talented, eightstrong combo formed in Liverpool in 1973 and made their name as being one of the artiest, challenging, most entertaining bands around - suffice to say they always put on a cracking show.
This multi-talented, eight strong combo formed in Liverpool in 1973 and made their name as being one of the artiest, challenging, most entertaining bands around - suffice to say they always put on a cracking show.