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Anything made by artificial means is called an artifact.
Artifact Evaluation in Information Systems and results are described.
Introduction: We sought to determine how frequently cautery (thermal) artifact precludes an accurate determination of stage at initial transurethral resection of bladder tumour (TURBT) of large bladder tumours.
Initial images were compromised by a discontinuous linear artifact that mimics the appearance of rain (Figure 2).
The race for the priceless artifacts pits the Black Pope (head of the Jesuits) against modern-day Amazons and artifact seekers from Austria and the United States.
A jail term of up to six months and a fine of up to SR50,000, or both, applies to anyone who forges a national artifact and claims it is real, undergoes partial or total demolition inside any national heritage site, initiates construction without approval, violates construction regulations for land surrounding a heritage site, or obtains artifacts from underwater.
Some of the Ringing artifact reduction techniques use Kalman filter, Gaussian filter and Maximum Likelihood parameter estimation.
Artifact delivers both with the combination of a high quality rendering engine and a level of interactivity you may not be expecting from AR.
The boxes are transparent and they reduce environmental damages and increase the life of the artifact (specially books and manuscripts) due to the properties, including UV filtration, anti-fungi properties and decomposition of air pollutants.
Descriptive, reader-friendly text complements the artifact portraits.
US Customs officials seized the artifact from a Lebanese-American antiquities dealer who was attempting to smuggle it into the United States in 2000.
Stone artifact scatters in western NSW, Australia: Geomorphic controls on artifact size and distribution.