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 (fē′kən-dāt′, fĕk′ən-)
tr.v. fe·cun·dat·ed, fe·cun·dat·ing, fe·cun·dates
1. To make fecund or fruitful.
2. To impregnate; fertilize.

[Latin fēcundāre, fēcundāt-, from fēcundus, fruitful; see fecund.]

fe′cun·da′tion n.
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fecund, fecundation - Fecund is another word for "fertile, fruitful, productive"; fecundation is another word for "fertilization, impregnation."
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Noun1.fecundation - creation by the physical union of male and female gametesfecundation - creation by the physical union of male and female gametes; of sperm and ova in an animal or pollen and ovule in a plant
conception, creation - the event that occurred at the beginning of something; "from its creation the plan was doomed to failure"
pollenation, pollination - transfer of pollen from the anther to the stigma of a plant
cross-fertilisation, cross-fertilization - fertilization by the union of male and female gametes from different individual of the same species
self-fertilisation, self-fertilization - fertilization by the union of male and female gametes from the same individual
superfecundation - fertilization of two or more ova released during the same menstrual cycle by sperm from separate acts of coitus (especially by different males)
superfetation - fertilization of a second ovum after a pregnancy has begun; results in two fetuses of different ages in the uterus at the same time; "superfetation is normal in some animal species"
2.fecundation - making fertile as by applying fertilizer or manure
enrichment - act of making fuller or more meaningful or rewarding
top dressing - a layer of fertilizer or manure not plowed in
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n. fecundación, el acto de hacer fértil.
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