artillery fire

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Noun1.artillery fire - fire delivered by artilleryartillery fire - fire delivered by artillery    
firing, fire - the act of firing weapons or artillery at an enemy; "hold your fire until you can see the whites of their eyes"; "they retreated in the face of withering enemy fire"
cannonade, drumfire - intense and continuous artillery fire
high-angle fire - fire from a cannon that is fired at an elevation greater than that for the maximum range
mortar fire - artillery fire delivered by a mortar
zone fire - artillery or mortar fire delivered in a constant direction at several quadrant elevations
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The investigator will encounter nothing less than a line of battle; there is no need of pickets, videttes, skirmishers, to give warning of our approach; our attacking lines will be visible, conspicuous, exposed to an artillery fire that will shave the ground the moment they break from cover, and for half the distance to a sheet of rifle bullets in which nothing can live.
At one time as we were climbing a slope absolutely exposed to artillery fire I asked her on purpose, being provoked by the way she looked about at the scenery, 'A little emotion, eh?
The military received information that Sawadjaan's men were hiding in Sitio Masjid Anak-Anak, prompting authorities to assault the area with artillery fire at around 5 a.
The last exercise sharply stoked tensions as the two Koreas exchanged artillery fire across the western maritime border after some of the North's shells fell into southern waters.
The Tamil Tiger rebels said Wednesday that at least 40 civilians were killed in army artillery fire in Vaharai in Sri Lanka's restive east.
In relevant developments in Hama province on Tuesday, the Syrian army troops and their popular allies pounded Ahrar al-Sham positions with massive artillery fire, destroying one of their bases in the Southern parts of Hama province in Western Syria.
Train was able to contact SAF Director Getulio Napenas as he asked for reinforcement and artillery fire support.
Meanwhile, militants opened fire at security forces Cobra Helicopter which was retaliated with shelling and artillery fire but there no loss was reported.
The government said artillery fire from military camps in the eastern Trincomalee district had been directed at LTTE positions in Sampur in the east while the Tigers claimed through its TamilNet website that two Sri Lanka Air Force Kfir jet fighters had bombed rebel-held Mullaitivu and its suburbs.

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