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Noun1.artist's model - a person who poses for a painter or sculptorartist's model - a person who poses for a painter or sculptor
poser, model - a person who poses for a photographer or painter or sculptor; "the president didn't have time to be a model so the artist worked from photos"
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Artist's model Mairi Noonan copies the excellent painting she will be displaying at the art exhibition
Shortly afterward, though, she found a calling that could support her: artist's model.
Let me introduce myself - I'm Kenneth Arthur Dodd, artist's model and failed accountant
Turning viewer into voyeur, they epitomise an uncomfortable reality: a society in which Venus is no goddess -- but the grisette, the artist's model or mistress, the working girl, whether seamstress, milliner or shop assistant -- and her domain, one that hovers uncertainly between respectability and the shady world of the demi-monde.
And if you're wondering how someone gets to be an artist's model, you'd be surprised at how Ursula applied.
Meanwhile, artist's model Matthew wants to meet someone who is as body-conscious as he is, but his stammer makes it hard for him to chat up women, while Daniella has a rare genetic condition and has never been on a date - - until now.
They include the maquette (or artist's model) for Log Cabin, a new sculptural work inspired by the woods at Cheeseburn and possibly the first step towards the creation of a full-sized building or pavilion made from fallen trees.
This black musical review, which toured forty weeks per year in the United States and Canada between 1925 and 1955, drew on the twin discourses of the artist's model and the couturier's model to create a new understanding of black female sexual modernity.
Gavin Henson acted as an artist's model for over four hours
Wing started her career as an artist's model before gaining a scholarship to the Croydon School of Acting at the age of 21.
She tells her life as an artist's model and so much more, and is nude for the performance.
Citing Camille Doncieux's intuitive professional skills, Gedo makes the case that Monet's companion defined the role of the modern artist's model. As such, Gedo asserts, Camille Doncieux was not simply a muse in the traditional sense, but an equal partner in Monet's development as a figure painter.