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adj. art·si·er, art·si·est Informal


(ˈɑr ti)

also artsy

adj. art•i•er, art•i•est.
characterized by a pretentious display of artistic interest or style.
art′i•ness, n.




[ˈɑːrtsi] adj [person] → qui se donne le genre artiste; [film, photograph] → de style artiste prétentieux
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'Doon ka muna sa sweet, pop, catchy song and then i-maintain mo lang siya until you can do your thing na which is 'yung artsy kind of songs.
Take the recent news of alleged sexual misconduct by faculty at the artsy, elite Saint Ann's School in Brooklyn: We're simply no longer shocked to see male authority figures cross the line, even when minors are involved.
Newton, MA, April 12, 2019 --( With the official arrival of spring, Blue Hill Fine Arts ( along with their partner,, is pleased to present the online exclusive show "An Abstract View of the World Through a Chinese Lens," April 8-21, 2019.
While Bangkok is synonymous with shopping and known for its thriving culinary scene, the Charoenkrung Creative District has transformed itself into a foodie and artsy enclave.
Such an artsy feel is reflected in the city's overall look, which stakeholders in the Baguio community have taken to heart.
Between now and October 30, bid in Aperture's Gala Auction on Artsy, which includes an incredible selection of photographs by Diane Arbus, Horst P., Pakshine, Daastan,, MicropowerLabs, and Perkup were the startups that pitched at the event.
According to Franklin's LinkedIn page, he has been working with the website as an audience development manager for the last three months.
ARTSY "I was brought up with the songs in the car and stuff like that and knowing the words from singing them with the family all the time.
Although stripped of the film's unearthly scifi effects, the artsy stage piece has been directed (between Broadway revivals of Arthur Miller plays "A View From the Bridge" and "The Crucible") by the iconoclast Belgian director Ivo van Hove, which guarantees a more theatrical kind of weirdness.
Staying on the artsy side of things, as of Thursday the house will be offering free arts sculpture, printing, engraving and monotype workshop.