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adj. Informal
1. Of, involving, or engaged in handicrafts or the decorative arts: an artsy-craftsy camp offering woodworking, basketry, and other activities.
2. Self-consciously artistic; arty.


(ˈɑrt siˈkræft si, -ˈkrɑft-)

adj. Informal.
pretending to artistry and craftsmanship or to an interest in arts and crafts.
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Adj.1.artsy-craftsy - pretentiously artisticartsy-craftsy - pretentiously artistic; cloyingly charming
pretentious - making claim to or creating an appearance of (often undeserved) importance or distinction; "a pretentious country house"; "a pretentious fraud"; "a pretentious scholarly edition"


Informal. Pretentiously artistic:
Informal: arty.
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Following the given concept, team Intuz got into the depth of the artsy-craftsy market, its demand, industry trends with the competitive study, and consumer behavior.
I willingly acknowledge that I am not an "artsy-craftsy" type of person so I appreciate the work of those who are.
We organized a knitting club, which she loved to do, and she discovered that a lot of the stuff in her apartment could be turned into artsy-craftsy projects.
These artsy-craftsy pictures couple youthful innocence with female sexuality and feminist resistance.