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adj. Vulgar
Pretentiously or affectedly artistic.
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It has no artsy-fartsy, highfalutin pretentions of being intellectually heavy or philosophically deep.
'It's a commercial movie,' Bernie told the press, careful not to label it an artsy-fartsy film because his previous movie was not finished, as the producer found it, well, artsy-fartsy.
At the end of the day, Mayor Dyster brings new meaning to the phrase: "artsy-fartsy."
'And do you know,' Abdul retorted, 'I've never met such an artsy-fartsy, up-hisown-***, whining little gob-*** like you in all my life!' (Maybe you lot already knew that, but I didn't know it at the time).
Schmidt tries to mingle with the art majors, but even with the politically correct artsy-fartsy intellectuals he seems to be having a hard time being accepted.
Arsenal travel to Hull, your 2017 UK City of Culture - an honour wrestled from the artsy-fartsy clutches of Leicester, the city that gave the world Showaddywaddy.
If you liked "Artsy-Fartsy" and "Bogus" You'll love "Cahoots," the story of Aldo's disastrous vacation family visit to a technology-free farm in Minnesota.
On the surface, it seems to be the year of bigger, more audience-friendly pictures, the triumph of the Hollywood majors over the artsy-fartsy indies.
Even if you're not from the artsy-fartsy community."
There are also a number of artsy-fartsy photos, framed and unframed, from $199-$799.
They place their photograph in their ad (whether they look nice or not) and they prepare an artsy-fartsy' ad around the CEO's photograph where the ad basically says nothing and doesn't give anyone a reason to contact that company for any information about the product they are trying to sell.