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adj. art·i·er, art·i·est Informal
1. Of or relating to artists or the fine arts.
2. Showily or affectedly artistic.

art′i·ly adv.
art′i·ness n.


(ˈɑːtɪ) or


adj, artier or artiest
informal having an ostentatious or affected interest in or desire to imitate artists or artistic standards
ˈartiness ˈartsiness n


(ˈɑr ti)

also artsy

adj. art•i•er, art•i•est.
characterized by a pretentious display of artistic interest or style.
art′i•ness, n.


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Adj.1.arty - showily imitative of art or artistsarty - showily imitative of art or artists
pretentious - making claim to or creating an appearance of (often undeserved) importance or distinction; "a pretentious country house"; "a pretentious fraud"; "a pretentious scholarly edition"


adjective artistic, arty-farty (informal), arty-crafty (informal) an arty French film


Informal. Pretentiously artistic:
Informal: artsy-craftsy.


[ˈɑːtɪ] ADJ [style] → con pretensiones artísticas, seudoartístico; [clothing] → afectado, extravagante; [person] → de gusto muy afectado, que se las da de muy artista
she looks arty; she is arty-lookingtiene pinta de cultureta


[ˈɑːrti] adj (= artsy) [person] → qui se donne le genre artiste; [film, photograph] → de style artiste prétentieux
Didn't you find her a little bit too arty? → Tu n'as pas trouvé qu'elle se donne un peu trop le genre artiste?
an arty French film → un film français de style artiste prétentieux


adj (+er) (inf)Künstler-; type also, tie, clothesverrückt (inf); personauf Künstler machend (pej); decoration, styleauf Kunst gemacht (inf); film, novelgeschmäcklerisch; he was more of an arty type than his brotherer war mehr ein Künstlertyp als sein Bruder; she’s in publishing/the theatre — oh yes, I knew it was something artysie arbeitet im Verlag/Theater — ach ja, ich wusste doch, dass es etwas Künstlerisches war


[ˈɑːtɪ] adj arty typespseudo artisti mpl
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The characters are also original: Arty, the investigator, is not a private detective but a genealogist, and is also transgendered, something that's revealed through his interactions with Helen.
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