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A Mediterranean plant (Eruca vesicaria subsp. sativa) of the mustard family, having flowers with purple-veined, yellowish-white petals and pungent, edible leaves. Also called rocket2, roquette.

[From Italian dialectal (Basilicata) arucola or a kindred Italian dialectal source, ultimately from Latin ērūca, bitter cruciferous herb, arugula, perhaps from ērūca, ū;rūca, caterpillar (arugula perhaps being so called from its hairy stems resembling caterpillars, or from the fact that cruciferous vegetables are often infested with caterpillars ), perhaps from ēr, hedgehog (with reference to the hairs and spines of some caterpillars).]


(əˈruːɡjʊlə) or


(Plants) another name for rocket22
[C20: from N Italian dialect]


(əˈru gə lə)

a Mediterranean plant, Eruca vesicaria sativa, of the mustard family, having pungent leaves used esp. in salads. Also called rocket .
[1965–70; appar. < an Upper Italian form akin to Lombard arigola, Venetian rucola < Latin ērūca arugula]
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Noun1.arugula - erect European annual often grown as a salad crop to be harvested when young and tenderarugula - erect European annual often grown as a salad crop to be harvested when young and tender
Eruca, genus Eruca - annual to perennial herbs of the Mediterranean region
herb, herbaceous plant - a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests
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Drizzle some parsley sauce over the dish and garnish with mache flowers and arugula blossoms.
Topped off with a fresh baby arugula salad mixed with grape tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella -- all tossed in a creamy Parmesan dressing and finished with shaved Parmesan cheese to provide a perfect complement of flavors in every bite.
Add warm chickpeas and arugula, tossing to combine.
Toss oranges and red onions with arugula and season with salt and fresh ground pepper.
fresh mozzarella cheese, sliced About 12 fresh arugula leaves, rinsed and dried
Add arugula and cook just until wilted, about 1 minute.
But it is the distinctive ingredients like fresh basil, olive oil and fresh arugula, coupled with Italian meats, tuna, salmon, gorgonzola, mascarpone, mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and artichokes, that truly make Toastissimo Cafe a one-of-a-kind dining experience at an affordable price.
Top each slice with some pickled shallot, an anchovy, capers, fennel, arugula, tomatoes (if using) and chives.
In a large bowl, toss arugula and orange slices with enough vinaigrette to coat.
such as mache, frisee, and/or arugula, and salt and pepper to taste.
RED LOBSTER BASIL INFUSED SALMON AND ARUGULA - Red Lobster's Basil Infused Salmon and Arugula (Salmon fresco a la parilla adobado con albahaca acompanado de ensalada de arugula.
Examples from Peer's contemporary menu include Fresh Maine Lobster Sandwich with baby arugula and endive on crispy focaccia bread, and Grilled Filet Mignon in brandy reduction.