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Variant of haruspex.


n, pl -pices (-pɪˌsiːz)
(Historical Terms) a variant spelling of haruspex
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also aruspex
A person who foretells future events by or as if by supernatural means:
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Investments in Starfish Technology Fund II include Ausra, Aruspex, Monitoring Division and Pro-Active Medical, and all investors in the current fund were also investors in the prior fund -- evidence, according to Starfish Investment Principal, Michael Panaccio, of the company's strong record of success in backing innovative companies with the potential to become global leaders.
Workforce planning experts from both Aetna, one of the nation's leading health care benefits companies, and Aruspex, foremost provider of strategic workforce planning solutions, will present the online event titled "Why and How of Workforce Planning at Aetna.
Aruspex will announce the availability of "No Change Future State" (NCFS) reports.
When the Skills Centre needed to input the information into a software system that could handle industry-wide data, they turned to Aruspex, a leading strategic workforce planning firm, and its CAPTure (Capability, Availability, Productivity of Talent) software.
In response, Aruspex has introduced CAPTure, a new technology suite that enables companies to analyze internal and external demographic trends, identify future scenarios and workforce gaps, and guide human resources professionals to action.
Experts from both Starbucks and Aruspex, a leading provider of workforce planning software and consulting services, will present the online event titled, "Workforce Planning: Moving from Spreadsheets to a Comprehensive Process.
Aruspex is helping organizations get started with the series of reports titled, "Strategic Workforce Planning: A Real World Approach to Planning the Right Workforce for Tomorrow's Organizations.
Aruspex, a strategic workforce planning software and consulting firm, has answered that need with its new No Change Future State[TM] (NCFS) reports.
The first installment - Part One: An Introduction to Workforce Planning - is now available from Aruspex, a leading provider of workforce planning software and consulting services.
It's critical to understand the differences between strategic and operational planning, says Aruspex, a leading provider of strategic workforce planning software and consulting services.
That's the chief finding of a recent Aruspex survey that polled C-level executives, corporate strategists and HR executives.
SAN FRANCISCO -- A recent Aruspex survey of C-level executives, corporate strategists, and HR executives reveals a significant gap between companies' knowledge of an impending workforce crisis, and what they are actually doing to plan ahead.