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n. pl. ar·i·ties
The number of arguments or operands taken by a function or operator.

[-ar(y) (as in binary ternary) + -ity.]
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Noun1.arity - the number of arguments that a function can take
logic - the branch of philosophy that analyzes inference
number - a concept of quantity involving zero and units; "every number has a unique position in the sequence"
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The mission- ary's next move was to get the family together and try it on himself; he was to stop at no experiment, how- ever desperate.
wa'n't ary a steamboat or ary a trading-post, and we cusses had to
His will took no notice of my father or my mother; but he left to my sister (always supposed to be his favorite in the family) a most extraordin ary legacy of possible pin-money, in the shape of a contingent reversion to the sum of three thousand pounds, payable on the death of Lady Malkinshaw, provided I survived her.
Both Injun Joe and the treasure sunk into second- ary importance for a moment, and Becky took the chief place in the boy's interest.
I said I wouldn't if ary dog turned up missin', an' I won't."
I'm persistent in wantin' to get up which ary side my larder is; don't you see, all on yer?"
The alleged tax evasion for 2013 has come to light at a time when the ARY has already challenged the LTU's findings in Income Tax (Appeals), Zone-I, Karachi.
The FBR alleged that during these exchanges, it found that the ARY in order to escape fresh tax demand tampered with previously-submitted official agreement documents.
There has also been evidence of tampering with the documents by the ARY Communications.
The bespoke, four-days-three-nights packages can be accessed as part of the 'Wow Dubai Deals' on ARY's specially designed online travel portal, the Sahulat Bazar.
Ary said the museum has been working on the addition for almost two years.
According to the report, a person named Towhidul Islam alias Ashiq Islam on December 4 communicated with an official of ARY Digital, asking for "immediate transfer" of the "committed fund" and said the fund is required "for that plan."