as luck would have it

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1. The chance happening of fortunate or adverse events; fortune: They met one day out of pure luck.
2. Good fortune or prosperity; success: We wish you luck.
3. One's personal fate or lot: It was just my luck to win a trip I couldn't take.
intr.v. lucked, luck·ing, lucks Informal
To gain success or something desirable by chance: lucked into a good apartment; lucked out in finding that rare book.
as luck would have it
As it turned out; as it happened: As luck would have it, it rained the day of the picnic.
in luck
Enjoying success; fortunate.
out of luck
Lacking good fortune.
press/push (one's) luck
To risk one's good fortune, often by acting overconfidently.
try (one's) luck
To attempt something without knowing if one will be successful.

[Middle English lucke, from Middle Dutch luc, short for gheluc; akin to Middle High German gelücke (source of modern German Glück, happiness, luck), and Middle Low German gelükke, luck, all perhaps from Old Low Fraconian *galukki : *ga-, prefix forming collective nouns of result + *-lukki, of unknown origin.]
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As luck would have it, he was always paired with his boyhood friend, former HB soloist Lucas Priolo, in the dance for two men, one with a sword and one with a staff.
As luck would have it, John Gotti Jr was gracing this fair establishment.
As luck would have it, Cronenberg's A History of Violence is not a Canadian film no matter how hard some people wish it would be.