asbestos abatement

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Noun1.asbestos abatement - the removal of asbestos from a public building
abatement of a nuisance, nuisance abatement - (law) the removal or termination or destruction of something that has been found to be a nuisance
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Contract award notice: 1530/mr asbestos abatement framework
It is an asbestos and lead abatement contracting firm, asbestos abatement and removal, demolition and mould re-mediation services for the removal of asbestos and lead from buildings and other structures and demolition of structures in the US.
The Weils House received a Christmas gift of asbestos abatement, courtesy of Tim and Jillian Smith, owners of Al Asbestos.
The project included exterior restoration, roof replacement, restoration of all public bathrooms, new community kitchen, new windows, asbestos abatement, and replacement of boiler and hot water heater.
MONROE - A Monroe couple has been fined $10,200 by the state Department of Environmental Quality for letting an unlicensed person perform asbestos abatement work on a home they own on Bellfountain Road west of Monroe.
In a July 29 release, the company said JMX is considered a leading asbestos abatement firm with extensive experience in removing and disposing of asbestos.
Business leaders came out last week against Senate Bill 410 concerning asbestos abatement.
has made a $46,500 in kind donation in the form of asbestos abatement services to the Engine No.
Our asbestos inspectors, investigators and legal staff will hold responsible those who fail to ensure that asbestos abatement work is done in compliance with applicable regulations.
Jim Petterson, director of estates at the college, said: "Janice and her team were contracted to undertake asbestos abatement work in areas of the college which are part of the pounds 3m refurbishment project.
com)-- The MACK Group, LLC completed the asbestos abatement of a 400ft high concrete coal fired power plant stack in Northeast Pennsylvania.
He also offered to sell it for $467,000 with asbestos abatement; or $515,000 with asbestos abatement, the post home razed, and the land graded.