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Any of various nematode worms of the order Ascaridida, especially those in the superfamily Ascaridoidea, including the common intestinal parasite Ascaris lumbricoides.

[ Sing. of ascarides, intestinal worms, from Middle English, from Medieval Latin ascaridēs, pl. of ascaris, from Greek askaris.]
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(ˈæskərɪd) or


(Zoology) any parasitic nematode worm of the family Ascaridae, such as the common roundworm of man and pigs
[C14: from New Latin ascaridae, from Greek askarides, plural of askaris]
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(ˈæs kə rɪd)

any parasitic roundworm of the family Ascaridae.
[< New Latin Ascaridae. See ascaris, -id2]
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and M.J.Y.) made similar observations in regard to ascarid infections of raccoons (Procyon lotor) and domestic dogs (Canis familiaris).
Toxocara cati is the most common feline roundworm, or ascarid, found in cats, affecting more than 25 percent of all cats.
When Jolie et al [35] studied the effects of production systems on the presence and severity of liver white spots in feeder pigs, which is indicative of ascarid larval migration, they found that the outdoor reared pigs had a significantly higher liver score (p<0.001), which meant that the ascarid larval fibroma, or the liver white spots, were significantly more present and more severe in the outdoor reared pigs.
Also, Zanthoxylum species have a folklore history in the treatment of various diseases, such as inflammation [15], toothache, lumbago [16], ascarid infection [17], sickle-cell anaemia, and malaria.
A large percentage of puppies (and kittens) are born with microscopically small roundworm, or ascarid, larvae in their tissues.
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