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v. as·cend·ed, as·cend·ing, as·cends
1. To go or move upward; rise: The balloon ascended into the clouds. See Synonyms at rise.
2. To slope upward: The trail ascends to an outcrop overlooking the valley.
3. To rise from a lower level or station; advance: ascended from poverty to great wealth; ascend to the throne.
4. To go back in time or upward in genealogical succession.
1. To move upward upon or along; climb: ascended the mountain.
2. To slope upward toward or along: The road ascends the ridge.
3. To succeed to; occupy: ascended the throne upon the death of her father.

[Middle English ascenden, from Old French ascendre, from Latin ascendere : ad-, ad- + scandere, to climb; see skand- in Indo-European roots.]

as·cend′a·ble, as·cend′i·ble adj.
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having the ability to be ascended
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Adj.1.ascendable - capable of being ascended
scalable - capable of being scaled; possible to scale; "the scalable slope of a mountain"
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VANSec's outperformance than the rest of the two algorithms is due to the fact that our scheme considerably needed less information about the network behavior and route discovery process, which remarkably reduced the network overhead and suggested best for dynamic and ascendable networks.
First of all, the first shift ratio ([i.sub.1]) of the small power drive train system should meet part of the peak torque demand on the maximum ascendable road grade, as shown in the following formula:
As with Study of a Vertical Line, 2013--the thirty-six-foot-high fountain and ascendable scaffolding structure that the artist erected at the Middelheim Musuem, an open-air sculpture park, in Antwerp, Belgium, last year--visitors could experience the top of the water jet, here by moving up one floor within the building.