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n. pl. as·cid·i·a (ə-sĭd′ē-ə) Botany
A pitcher-shaped or bottle-shaped part or organ, such as the hollow tubular leaf of a pitcher plant.

[New Latin, from Greek askidion, diminutive of askos, wineskin.]

as·cid′i·ate′ adj.
as·cid′i·form′ (-ə-fôrm′) adj.


of or relating to the tunicate molluscs of the genus Ascidium having the form of an ascidium
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Even completely ascidiate carpels are monosymmetric (e.
Carpels of Brasenia (Cabombaceae) are completely ascidiate despite a long stigmatic crest.
In Cyperoideae, the ascidiate zone (Leins, 2000) of the three carpels is congenitally fused.