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1. The act of ascribing.
2. A statement that ascribes.

[Latin ascrīptiō, ascrīptiōn-, addendum, from ascrīptus, past participle of ascrībere, to ascribe; see ascribe.]

as·crip′tive adj.


(əˈskrɪpʃən) or


1. the act of ascribing
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a statement ascribing something to someone, esp praise to God
[C16: from Latin ascrīptiō, from ascrībere to ascribe]


(əˈskrɪp ʃən)

1. the act of ascribing.
2. a statement ascribing something, esp. praise to the Deity.
[1590–1600; < Latin ascrīptiō a written addition. See ascribe, -tion]
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Noun1.ascription - assigning some quality or character to a person or thing; "the attribution of language to birds"; "the ascription to me of honors I had not earned"
categorisation, categorization, sorting, classification - the basic cognitive process of arranging into classes or categories
zoomorphism - the attribution of animal forms or qualities to a god
2.ascription - assigning to a cause or source; "the attribution of lighting to an expression of God's wrath"; "he questioned the attribution of the painting to Picasso"
categorisation, categorization, sorting, classification - the basic cognitive process of arranging into classes or categories
animatism - the attribution of consciousness and personality to natural phenomena such as thunderstorms and earthquakes and to objects such as plants and stones
imputation - the attribution to a source or cause; "the imputation that my success was due to nepotism meant that I was not taken seriously"
externalisation, externalization - attributing to outside causes


The act of attributing:


[əˈskrɪpʃən] Natribución f


nZuschreibung f; difficulties arising from the ascription of emotions to animalsSchwierigkeiten, die sich ergeben, wenn man Tieren Gefühle zuschreibt
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Never can love make consciousness and ascription equal in force.
At best, this returns Matravers to a model of emotional ascription that rests ultimately on personal response.
Having given a thorough account of this material Black poses the question whether the ascription of the gospel to Mark was meaningful or significant in any historical, social, religious, or theological sense.
It was taken to lead to an ascription of value to what is in itself valueless.
One vital type of detail has been omitted from yet another volume in this series: the verbatim ascription on the source chosen for the transcription of a piece.
The ascription to Hofmannsthal's Hans Karl of a disingenuous calculation like that underlying the clown Furlani's performance surely depends on pressing a comparison too far.
The issue of conflicting attribution and ascription was a recurring Leitmotiv throughout the conference.
Contract notice: Support services to the development of applications in the scope of the ministry of energy, tourism and digital agenda and several agencies of ascription.
The Indigenous Peoples' Rights Act identifies one as an IP by self-ascription and ascription by others, Quilaman said, adding that Self-ascription carries more weight.
Down in class Ascription has the highest handicap rating and drops in class having run fifth behind Toormore in the Group 2 Lennox Stakes last time.
Let me quote Section 5: "The parties recognize Bangsamoro identity: those who at the time of conquest and colonization were considered natives or original inhabitants of Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago and its adjacent islands, including Palawan, and their descendants whether of mixed or full blood shall have the right to identify as Bangsamoro by ascription or self ascription...Spouses and their descendants are classified as Bangsamoro.
Taking all those points on board, we have a short list of Ascription, Arnold Lane, Sirius Prospect and Big Johnny D.