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1. (Physical Geography) in a seaward manner
2. (Physical Geography) at or on the sea



adj., adv.
1. to or toward the sea; seaward.
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Adv.1.asea - in the direction of the seaasea - in the direction of the sea; "the sailor looked seaward"
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After a bright career with Sandvik, much of it spent in the US, he took over at ASEA and quickly streamlined them for the world-market battles of the future in energy and electronics.
ASEA is the industry association for stock exchanges across Africa.
Oscar Onyema, ASEA president and managing director at the Nigerian Stock Exchange, declared that African capital market's growth should be relative to economic reforms, stating that Africa is undergoing many challenges nowadays.
ASEA Deputy Executive Director of Regulation and Legal Standards Alejandro Carabias emphasized the key importance of harmonizing regulatory tools, having an open dialogue and collaborating on joint efforts during a recent COS event, stating, There is only one ocean; nature knows no boundaries; and we must protect across boundary lines.
It is worth mentioning that the EGX is hosting the ASEA Conference 2017, expected to be attended by minister of investment and international cooperation, Sahar Nassr, a large number of African ministers, and regional and international financial institutions delegations.
He asserted that ASEA is the premier association for leading exchanges in Africa, and it seeks to develop member exchanges, through Building African Financial Markets' (BAFM) annual capacity-building seminar, driven by ASEA, in collaboration with its member exchanges by providing a platform for networking and knowledge transfer.
The Egyptian Exchange will be hosting the ASEA Conference 2017 in Cairo, under the title of "Africa Mapping the Future", in the period between 20 and 21 November under the sponsorship of the Egyptian Prime Minister Sherif Ismail.
Ruto, Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya opened the ASEA flagship Conference where he emphasized the critical role that the capital markets have to play to boost economic development of Africa.
An official statement form EGX said that African stock exchanges' heads were present "in order to discuss ASEA development' mechanisms and the executive plan to activate the association's role to develop the African markets and to promote them so they could occupy the position they deserve on the global investment' map".
Tan has stated that Asea One has already completed necessary studies for the company s first biomass project.
ASEA president gave a recipe to double Africa's GDP growth; heemphasised the importance of continued improvement in business
In order to help strengthen the nation's electricity provide, Renewable energy (RE) developer Asea One Power Corp, plans to put in about $185 million in the coming five years to put up 60 megawatts in complete biomass power place potential.