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 (ə-sĕp′sĭs, ā-)
1. The state of being free of pathogenic microorganisms.
2. The process of removing pathogenic microorganisms or protecting against infection by such organisms.


(əˈsɛpsɪs; eɪ-)
1. (Medicine) the state of being free from living pathogenic organisms
2. (Medicine) the methods of achieving a germ-free condition


(əˈsɛp sɪs, eɪˈsɛp-)

1. absence of the microorganisms that produce sepsis or septic disease.
2. methods, as sterile surgical techniques, used to assure asepsis.


1. absence of bacteria of a harmful nature.
2. the techniques of achieving this condition. — aseptic, adj.
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Noun1.asepsis - (of non-living objects) the state of being free of pathogenic organismsasepsis - (of non-living objects) the state of being free of pathogenic organisms
sanitariness - the state of being conducive to health
2.asepsis - the process of inhibiting the growth and multiplication of microorganismsasepsis - the process of inhibiting the growth and multiplication of microorganisms
biological process, organic process - a process occurring in living organisms
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Philip was startled at Doctor South's suspicion of asepsis; he had accepted it in deference to universal opinion; but he used the precautions which Philip had known insisted upon so scrupulously at the hospital with the disdainful tolerance of a man playing at soldiers with children.
"I've seen antiseptics come along and sweep everything before them, and then I've seen asepsis take their place.
"There is such a thing as antisepsis and asepsis that were not respected.
Future strategies must include increased surveillance, a renewed focus on asepsis, identification of epidemics, correct antibiotic prophylaxis and prevention of emerging resistance through limiting the use of antibiotics (Harris, 2013).
All the patients undergone intra articular corticosteroid injection in pain clinic at CMH Peshawar as outdoor patients, under strict asepsis. One ml (40mg) of MP/ TC and 4 ml of 1% plain bupicaine were injected into the cavity via anterolateral approach after ensuring negative aspiration.
Contract award notice: Delivery of disposable materials in the scope of operating room asepsis (poland-zabrze: Hospital paper articles)
The Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP), Dental Assisting National Board (DANB), and DALE Foundation are collaborating on a comprehensive infection control education and certification initiative.
"They could not stop for long because they were rushing to hospital a friend, homeless too, who had been bitten in the face by rats and they feared asepsis - the sepsis that they think killed Kane Walker just a week or two ago
Conclusion: A conservative approach to antibiotic prescription for minor trauma may be appropriate despite absence of strict asepsis during emergency wound care.
Date Surgical procedure Preinduction medication 02/19/2007 Emergency DC 5mg of Midazolam and 8 mg of Dexamethasone 11/07/2007 1st elective CP 8mg of Dexamethasone, (interrupted because 10mg of of SVT) Metoclopramide, 5 mg of Midazolam 11/22/2007 2nd elective CP 80 mg of Lidocaine (PEA event) Operative asepsis: iodine povidone in the 3 surgeries Date Induction 02/19/2007 Fentanyl 200 [micro]g and Vecuronium 8 mg 11/07/2007 160 mg of propofol, 250 [micro]g of fentanyl, 70 mg of rocuronium 11/22/2007 Fentanyl 250 [micro]g, 400mg of sodium thiopental and 8 mg of Vecuronium Operative asepsis: iodine povidone in the 3 surgeries Date Maintenance 02/19/2007 Sevoflurane 100% 2.5% to 2% in 2L of [O.sub.2] at 100%.
Following asepsis and skin infiltrated with 1% lidocaine, an 18-gauge Tuohy needle was inserted toward the T10/11 level via the midline approach.