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 (ə-sĕp′tĭk, ā-)
a. Free of pathogenic microorganisms: aseptic surgical instruments.
b. Using methods to protect against infection by pathogenic microorganisms: aseptic surgical techniques.
2. Lacking animation or emotion: an aseptic smile.

a·sep′ti·cal·ly adv.
a·sep′ti·cism n.
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in a non-putrefying manner
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The samples were aseptically obtained in pre-sterilised water-sampling containers for microbial quality.
The scientists aseptically bottled and stored samples of the raw control milk, HTST-treated skim milk, microfiltered milk and microfiltered-HTST treated milk at 6 C for 91 days.
The site around the eye orbit was then clipped and aseptically prepared using Pyodine Scrub (Brookes Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Pakistan, Ltd.) for Peterson eye nerve block technique.
Revita allografts are aseptically processed and terminally sterilized according to US FDA current Good Tissue Practice requirements and the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) Standards for Tissue Banking (14th ed.).
Back in November, another study by a former MSU researcher was published on objective characterization of the effect of packaging design on the ability to successfully aseptically transfer items to the sterile field.
* Firstly 9ml of blood is drawn aseptically from the vein of the patient in a 10ml syringe containing 1ml sodium citrate (sodium citrate can be obtained from the blood bag).
Branded as the SteriKit, Type 1, these products are WH rinsed, depyrogenated or sterilized, and aseptically packaged under ISO 5 conditions.
Thanks to a microbiological isolator, the unit can aseptically blow preforms previously treated with hydrogen peroxide vapour.
coli was aseptically subcultured onto freshly prepared EMB and MacConkey agar plates for the isolation of pure cultures, and these were incubated at 30[degrees]C for 18 hours.
But according to the Philippine Red Cross website, a person who has a tattoo can donate blood, 'as long as the tattooing procedure was done aseptically (in a sterile manner), he/she may donate blood one year after the procedure.'
The 215,000-square-foot facility processes conventional and organic milk in half-gallon and gallon containers, and packages aseptically processed milk, creams and juices in quart-sized and smaller bottles.