ash gray

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Noun1.ash gray - a light shade of greyash gray - a light shade of grey    
gray, grayness, greyness, grey - a neutral achromatic color midway between white and black
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Paolo Duterte wore barong, too - in ash gray color.
All participants and race volunteers will receive ash gray, long-sleeved T-shirts and lung cancer survivors will receive long-sleeved white T-shirts.
Hardy wore a dark ash gray T-shirt, black athletic shorts with white stripes and red-and-white trainers.
The perfume design entails a crown with an ash wooden cap customized in ash gray. This follows the traditional Soviet packaging of circular forms and sober esthetic.
Those paintings (except for Untitled 0420) were hung in the light-filled ground floor; the mood changed dramatically upstairs, where the walls were painted ash gray and the spotlights were dimmed for a group of nocturnal scenes.
Uttermost's Thetis armchair is handcarved and handfinished in an ash gray wash over natural wood grain.
99% lightweight cotton T-shirt in ash gray or navy; features the embroidery of the Society's logo in medium gray and the Greek letters in blue and gold.
Everything in the office--from the blank sheets of paper to the translucent, painted windows on the backdrop--is ash gray, as though pulled from some macabre artist's sketchbook.
The sun has begun to sink below the horizon, turning patches of blue sky a raw purple and the clouds ash gray.
This study evaluates the effectiveness of Liqui-Drox as a process for developing latent prints on the adhesive side of a variety of types of tapes and compares it to four standard processes: alternate black powder, ash gray powder, gentian violet, and sticky-side powder at two lengths of storage time.
Black leg: Symptoms include ash gray leaf spots or dark gray stem lesions with small black pimple-like fruiting bodies in the plant tissues.