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Adj.1.ash-blonde - of hair colorash-blonde - of hair color; whitish    
blond, blonde, light-haired - being or having light colored skin and hair and usually blue or grey eyes; "blond Scandinavians"; "a house full of light-haired children"
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editor, your boss, was a tall, ash-blonde woman who thought your
She says: "It builds both strength and flexibility, and helps to lengthen the back, hamstrings and calves, whilst strengthening upper body and core." Impressive Giovanni Hair & beauty Debbie has become famous for her Barbie doll do, either wearing her ash-blonde hair up in a messy bun or loose around her shoulders.
She straddled silent and talking pictures and, with her smouldering looks and ash-blonde hair, laid down the ice maiden template that became a trademark of Hitchcock's leading ladies.
Marlon had lots of blonde hair--it wasn't yellow-blonde, it was ash-blonde, pale ash blonde.
Her mother insisted she wore a uniform despite the fact that like Will she had failed the eleven-plus and, as if to make up for it, her mother made her concentrate on her appearance, and there was always a sheen coming off her, her peachy cheeks, milky complexion, that groomed, ash-blonde hair especially.
The 5ft 8ins (132 lbs) 41-year-old actress with ash-blonde hair and flashing grey-green eyes, says she is neither happy nor unhappy about her body.
JAN Leeming shakes her ash-blonde hair in disbelief, her ringless fingers resting in her lap.
She has long, ash-blonde hair and wears an abundance of rings and bracelets.