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Adj.1.ash-gray - of a light grey
achromatic, neutral - having no hue; "neutral colors like black or white"
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If you find yourself wiping off ash-gray residue, or rose-colored material if your door has a mahogany stain, that's a sign that you are into the primer layer, in which case you can completely strip the door, wash it down thoroughly and then start over, working your way up from a fresh coat of alkyd- or water-based primer, topped by stain and then a clear coat.
Its body is ash-gray and its spots silverish but subdued.
Narrow slices of unprimed canvas run between these pieces like a street grid, calling to mind Gerhard Richter's ash-gray cityscapes; the patches of bright color echo Mondrian.
The ashes from the war swirl out of the tailpipes of our savage traffic jams; summer thunder quickly becomes the roar of guided missiles; the drunken ash-gray businessmen talk of market terrors swarming up; and the obsession with security in the current campaign season becomes the way the rich like Lamont and Lieberman define the weakness of the people who put them in power to begin with.
In 1814, French and German scientists gave koalas the scientific name Phascolarctos cinereus (FAS-co-LARK-toes SIH-neh-RAY-us), which means "ash-gray, pouched bear." Later, scientists learned that the koala is a marsupi.
Older bark is ash-gray to grayish brown with narrow, corky ridges, sometimes "warty".