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or ash can  (ăsh′kăn′)
1. A large, usually metal receptacle for trash.
2. Slang A depth charge.
3. Slang A powerful cylindrical firecracker.


a US word for dustbin Also called: garbage can, ash bin or trash can


or ash′ can`,

1. a large metal barrel, can, or similar receptacle for ashes or refuse.
2. Slang. a depth charge.
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Noun1.ashcan - a bin that holds rubbish until it is collectedashcan - a bin that holds rubbish until it is collected
bin - a container; usually has a lid
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Posters are being launched and portable ashtrays - called Ashcans - will be sold in Tesco stores from June 4.
At the end of the yard stood three ashcans and five lavatories or closets as we called them.
Given the problems with textualism, the court must search through the "ashcans of the legislative process" (143) to discover how the original legislature would have resolved the question.
"Look what I got." Kiki had a bag full of fireworks--Jumping Jacks, Cherry Bombs, Butterflies, Ashcans. It wasn't even the Fourth of July.