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adj. ash·i·er, ash·i·est
1. Of, relating to, or covered with ashes.
2. Having the color of ashes; pale.

ash′i·ness n.


the condition of being like ash in colour or texture or of containing or being coated with ash
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Turkish coffee, chocolate wafers, some cigar ashiness, so balanced, crispy toffee chocolates, light jalapeno, not cloying at all.
These were warriors: kangaroo shoes, pressed chino pants, Blye knit sweaters, leather coats (long or short, hard or soft) bought with their own money, toothpicks in their mouths, Fred Braun belts, no smiles, no unnecessary conversation, ashiness on their knuckles, Dixie Peach perfect, stocking cap wavy, shiny hair covered by stingy brimmed hats that they blocked neatly, perfectly, and Jade East cologne on their cheeks offering the only pleasant smelling oasis in this shit-hole.
* Apart from the magnetic appeal ofLeonard the jostling crowds emphaSised the standing of a guy known as Spice Boy because of his own ashiness inside and outside the roped square.
Zoe Draelos, Duke University, reviewed the unique needs of ethnic consumers and consumers in emerging markets who want even skin pigmentation, skin lightening, sun protection, a reduction in ashiness and dryness, and infection, sebum and perspiration control.
For example, African-American men are often concerned about such issues as the ashiness of dry skin as well as the keloid (scar tissue) that can show up more easily on dark skin.