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a. A squared block of building stone.
b. Masonry of such stones.
2. A thin, dressed rectangle of stone for facing walls.

[Middle English assheler, from Old French aisselier, board, from aissele, from Medieval Latin axicellus, from Latin assis.]


(ˈæʃlə) or


1. (Building) a block of hewn stone with straight edges for use in building
2. (Building) Also called: ashlar veneer a thin dressed stone with straight edges, used to face a wall
3. (Building) masonry made of ashlar
[C14: from Old French aisselier crossbeam, from ais board, from Latin axis axletree; see axis1]


or ash•ler

(ˈæʃ lər)

1. a squared building stone cut more or less true on all faces adjacent to those of other stones so as to permit very thin mortar joints.
2. masonry made of such stones.
[1325–75; Middle English ascheler < Anglo-French, Old French aiseler supporting timber]
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Noun1.ashlar - a rectangular block of hewn stone used for building purposesashlar - a rectangular block of hewn stone used for building purposes
building block - a block of material used in construction work
stone - building material consisting of a piece of rock hewn in a definite shape for a special purpose; "he wanted a special stone to mark the site"


[ˈæʃləʳ] N
1.sillar m
2. (also ashlar work) → sillería f


nQuaderstein m
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The producer that pioneered the manufactured stone veneer category arrived at the National Association of Home Builders International Builders' Show 2018 with a new Sculpted Ashlar profile in three unique color variations.
After working on the facade for seven months, the stone contractor will be installing the final ashlar panels on 19th February with practical completion of the facade scheduled for 26th.
The new bridge was built of ashlar with rusticated dressings and ashlar parapets.
It was fronted in ashlar limestone, with leaded stained-glass windows and huge bay columns.
The walls are of sandstone ashlar and there is also some good stained glass that includes a window of St Barnabas by Morris & Co.
The tower, built in William Burges' signature Forest of Dean ashlar stone, is a stunning Cardiff landmark with people travelling from all over the world to see it.
WALLINGFORD, CT - Edith Lind Knowlton, 82, of Ashlar Village, Wallingford, died peacefully Monday, September 9, 2013.
Extensive evidence for monumental ashlar walls was revealed in a series of gypsum mortar setting beds for large stone blocks, most likely robbed out during the Early Byzantine period (6th-7th century AD) for construction of the Christian basilicas across the way at Agios Georgios, the Antiquities Department said.
They are suitable for herringbone and ashlar installation and available in colours that will complement square Urban Retreat tiles, as well as the addition of vibrant accent colours.
Mytton Hall's imposing entrance has a grey sandstone ashlar Ionic porch, with paired column.
NAI ReStore, the retail arm of NAI Global and NAI Ashlar Urban, its Canadian brokerage operation, have been selected as the preferred broker for these new locations, and will serve as project managers as needed.
It looks best installed with a quarter-turn layout or an ashlar layout.