ask after

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ask after


ask for

(preposition) to make inquiries about the health of (someone): he asked after her mother.
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يَسأل عَن، يَسْتَفْسِر عَن
ptát se na zdraví někoho
forhøre sig om
inna eftir, spyrja frétta af e-m
popýtať sa
hâl hatır sormak

w>ask after

vi +prep objsich erkundigen nach; tell her I was asking after hergrüß sie schön von mir
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(aːsk) verb
1. to put a question. He asked me what the time was; Ask the price of that scarf; Ask her where to go; Ask him about it; If you don't know, ask.
2. to express a wish to someone for something. I asked her to help me; I asked (him) for a day off; He rang and asked for you; Can I ask a favour of you?
3. to invite. He asked her to his house for lunch.
ask after
to make inquiries about the health etc of. She asked after his father.
ask for
1. to express a wish to see or speak to (someone). When he telephoned he asked for you; He is very ill and keeps asking for his daughter.
2. to behave as if inviting (something unpleasant). Going for a swim when you have a cold is just as asking for trouble.
for the asking
you may have (something) simply by asking for it; This table is yours for the asking.
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